Press Release

It has been well known that Ms Cherie Blair, the wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is expecting their fourth child sometime in May.

Our organization, "Child Care Hours for Men and Women Network," has been the leader to promote child care hours and/or child care leaves by organizing symposia and various other activities in Japan. Having learned the news above, we came up with a great idea. It is to propose Mr. Blair that he take a child care leave.

A child care leave taken by British Prime Minister would be a strong statement to the world on the validity of workers' right to take responsibility for their family. We understand that the United Kingdom recently enacted a law guaranteeing child care leaves for both men and women. We might also add that a child care leave by Mr. Blair would embody the spirit of the ILO Convention C-156, which guarantees a right to workers of fulfilling their family responsibility.

One of our members, Tatsuhiko Nakasaka (who himself has taken his child care leave), will be in London from February 5. We wanted to take this opportunity to deliver our letter to Mr. Blair.

We have already sent the attached query through fax to Prime Minister's Press Office. Mr. Nakasaka will visit the Prime Minister's residence (10 Downing Street) with his wife and two children and deliver the letter.

On the spot, he can give you a copy of the letter and take questions regarding the letter and its background. We hope that your organization covers the story.

Please contact below if you have questions.

Child Care Hours for Men and Women Network
Yoshinori Kamo (Member in charge of this press release)
telephone/fax: +1-225-388-5352 or 767-3694 (USA)